What Else You Should Know About My Concrete Work

Concrete Work Pasadena, TX

Are you in the middle of a plumbing project in need of under-slab tunneling services? Or maybe, is your builder in need of assistance when doing the plumbing work? Whatever the situation might be, you can always count on me, your trusted local concrete contractor, to help you with your projects in Pasadena, TX.

Elias Foundation Repair is known for providing outstanding concrete work at fair prices. There are many projects I tackle for clients, including foundation installation, sidewalks or driveway installation, and making tunnels for plumbing systems. On this page, I will talk a little bit more about the tunnels.

Imagine you need emergency plumbing repairs, but the pipes and drains are beneath the foundations, and you can’t reach them. Don’t worry. This is where my expertise comes in handy. I will not make holes in your floor with a jackhammer. Instead, I will use a technique to remove and then replace the dirt under your home, keeping the mess away from your home.

I offer professional under-slab tunneling services perfect for clients in need of foundation repairs, plumbing repairs, and other similar projects. I have great experience creating and filling proper tunnels making tunneling one of Elias Foundation Repair‘s specialties. Keep in mind that I do not fix the issues under your slabs; All I do is clear the dirt and make it easy for your repair contractor to reach the problem.

Once the repairs are complete, I will return to fill in the tunnels correctly, using the dirt that was removed and new dirt where necessary. I have the right mindset for the future stability of your slabs. And with this in mind, I will begin to fill the tunnels and seal them off. The result will be a solid surface that will not be prone to settling, leaks, and other issues.

The finishing touch is the laying of a specific material, a combination of cement, topsoil, and water, to create a layer that will fill even the tiniest pocket of space and provide the proper support to your foundation.

Want to learn more about my concrete work? If you are in Pasadena, TX, you can call me at (832) 758-4538. I will be happy to come to you and discuss your needs!